BYOB Pottery Classes

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“We humans weren’t born to exist, we weren’t born to run, we were born to have fun. Because when we’re having fun, we infect others with the possibility virus and inspire them to do wonderful things and live wonderful lives.”

–  Dr. Nick Bayliss

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Note for Groupon Users

After you have purchased your Groupon please allow 24 hours processing time before booking your BYOB class date with us. If you continue to experience problems after entering your Groupon Code at check out please email us at and include your Groupon Voucher Code.

BYOB Pottery

For ages 16 and up only (see kids pottery classes for ages 6-15).

A night out of fun and creativity. Come laugh and play with clay! Always wanted to try the potter’s wheel? Here’s your opportunity without a long commitment. This class is all about the experience of trying the wheel. We have 6 wheels and assign 2 people to a wheel to share. You are welcome to BYOB and snacks. Wear clothes you don't mind getting dirty including shoes and leave jewelry at home.  Long nails are prohibitive. In this class you have the opportunity to experience throwing on the wheel but please note:  If you decide you want to keep the pots you make, there will be a cost of $10 per piece. If your piece gets accidentally broken in the firing process we refund your payment. 

To Register - Choose the number of people you would like to participate or you purchased the Groupon for then:

  • Choose which class time you would like to attend.

  • Groupon users enter your Groupon Code in the Coupon Code box on the checkout screen and complete your order.

  • PLEASE NOTE Saturdays sell out quickly. If you don’t see a Saturday listed it is because they are sold out for now. If you want to register on a Saturday please check back when more are added to the calendar or call to be put on a waiting list.