BYOB Pottery Classes

BYOB Pottery Classes


Creativity in Community: Your alternative to boredom, bars and blues.
A night out of fun and creativity. Come laugh and play with clay!

Always wanted to try the potter’s wheel? Here’s your opportunity without a long commitment. In this class you have the opportunity to experience throwing on the wheel (two people to a wheel) but please note: If you decide you want to keep any pots you make there will be a cost of $10 per piece.
You are welcome to BYOB and snacks.

To Our Groupon Users: Select the date and number of people your Groupon is for. Once you add it to your cart a form will open up. Please add the names of the participants attending. Once complete you will see whether or not there is availability for you and your participants. If not, please choose a different date. Upon checkout apply your Groupon Code to redeem. Saturdays sell out quickly. If you don’t see a Saturday listed it is because they are sold out for now. If you want a Saturday class time either check back when more are added to the calendar or call to be put on a waiting list.

Additional Notes: The class you select may have recently filled up. In the event that you have selected a full class, we will email you within 1 day find a different date.

Each pottery class is geared toward the experience of clay and the truth is that when working with clay sometimes pots break. There is never a guarantee that a pot will survive the firing process, much less handling to and from the kiln or even glazing. If your pot gets broken you will receive a refund for the $10 cost per pot. You will not be offered another class free of charge.

(There will be no BYOB classes between December 14th and January 8th)

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