Elemental Regression Session

All attendees for the Sandra Herrick event receive a complimentary Elemental Regression Session

PLEASE NOTE: This is a complimentary session ONLY for attendees of Reverend Sandra Harrick’s 4 Part Series on Healing and Awareness hosted at The Voice of Clay.



Return to a time you were connected with the Elementals through an Elemental Regression Session.

The elements; earth, water, air, and fire, are fundamental to nature. By connecting and relating to the elements we come into a better understanding of ourselves.  We are nature, we are not separate from it. The elements are within us, in our physical body, in our blood and lymph, in our breath, thinking and chi. 

There is an archetypal being for each of the four elements:

According to Rudolf Steiner and other philosophers, human beings were once more connected and able to communicate with these beings. 

Wendy Walter will guide you during this deep relaxed meditative state returning you to a time you were connected with the Elementals - fairies, gnomes, sylphs and salamanders. 

During this session you might:

  • Deepen your connection to nature and as a result learn to work with, instead of pushing up against it (stress relief!)

  • Tap into the Etheric body and connect to life force energy

  • Experience meeting your primary Elemental Guide, and understand how the elementals assist you daily

  • Tap into your soul’s mission and examine whether you are on that path in this life.

  • Awaken gifts or powers previously forgotten 

  • Come to a better understanding of what is needed for more balance in your life.

To register contact us at infovoiceofclay@gmail.com or call us at 603-672-2626. You are also welcome to book your Complimentary Elemental Session online.