Spiritual Guidance

3 sessions $450 (Each SESSION 120 MINUTES)


Spiritual Guidance

Congratulate yourself for considering a guide for your path toward living a joy filled life! Taking a journey with a Spiritual Mentor is a unique experience. It’s different from the guidance you might expect from a teacher, coach, pastor, counselor or therapist.

Spiritual Guidance used in conjunction with creativity, self-expression  and consciousness, empower an individual to feel joyful and open to the possibilities and flow of life. If you feel stuck, in pain, dissatisfied or restless with the state of affairs in your life - your soul is crying out for attention! Soul attentiveness is seriously lacking in our culture and as a result we have to consciously build it into our lives. Discover your life’s mission and touch the place within yourself we all yearn to discover, the place of peace, wholeness and Divine Love.

Spiritual mentoring is not religious or dogmatic. I do not teach "the way" or any particular way; nor do I offer analysis as a psychotherapist or counselor might. My role is to provide guidance and support as you uncover your own answers and connect to a more authentic sense of self.

Be aware that Spiritual Mentoring requires 100% responsibility on both our parts .As a Loving Presence I will journey by your side and guide you, yet I cannot travel for you. Nor am I responsible for "fixing" what might feel broken. Because of my commitment to integrity and boundaries you will experience a safe and nurturing environment in which to express yourself through your healing journey.

In this series of three sessions get to know that purpose by taping into YOUR OWN intuition. You will learn some breath and mindfulness techniques to practice at home and will be guided one step at a time to deeper insight and a sense of belonging.

Each session will include homework and will get you into the practice of “connection”. Each session is 2 hours.