Past Life Regression & Hypnosis Classes in Brookline

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Experience a Past life Regression

Always wanted to experience a past life? Here is your opportunity! Experience the process to a past life.

Learn why it is beneficial and potentially:

  • Clear emotional trauma and physical issues

  • Calm feelings of stress and/or sadness

  • Get insight into troubled relationships

  • Understand and change behaviors and patterns

  • Uncover dormant past life gifts and re-energize them

  • Reveal past life souls you know from this life

  • Understand your soul’s life lessons

  • Receive spiritual guidance and direction

  • Experience universal wisdom and peace not always available to us in our Earthly bodies.

In this group class you are not expected to share but can if willing.


Soul Empowerment Hypnosis | Introduction to Hypnosis Group Class

Clear out all the old thought patterns and beliefs that are holding you back from being the most creative, effective, abundant, centered, healthy person you can be! Hypnosis can have an impact on most anything you want to change. Come learn how it works, hear about past life regression and see for yourself.

To our Groupon Users: Your package includes an Introduction to Hypnosis Group class + one hour private session. You can register for your group class here. To book your one hour private session go to Book Appointment for My Private One Hour Session Now or visit our Appointments page.