The Voice Of Clay is an Expressive Clay Company Committed to Encouraging Conscious Living.

Discover Your True Nature….balance between Body Mind and Spirit with CLAY. Clay has the unique ability to quiet the mind, center and heal the body and revitalize the spirit. Unearth your greatest potential through Spiritual Guidance, Private Lessons or clay for the body. We have unique clay creations to heighten your gratitude and help you take action toward your soul’s purpose.

Workshop Coming up…Clay as a Remedy.

Clay has been used for thousands of years not only to make pottery but as a healing remedy. In this workshop learn about clay poultices,  baths, body treatments, edible clay and production clay and the differences between them. Come find out why healing ourselves with the earth is beneficial for the body, mind and spirit. We will hand build a pottery bowl for each participant to keep and you will see a demonstration of throwing on the wheel.

Date: March 5th, Time: 6-8pm, Cost: $35, Limited to 10 people



Wendy at the wheel.





My power of thought grows firm
United with the spirit’s birth.
It lifts the senses’ dull attractions
To bright-lit clarity.
When soul-abundance
Desires union with the world’s becoming,
Must senses revelation
Receive the light of thinking.

 The Calendar of The Soul by Rudolf Steiner (Forty Fifth Week Feb 9-15)