For quite some time now I have been curious about doing a Past Life Regression session but was doubtful of my abilities to be hypnotized. That was until I found Wendy. I have been working with Wendy in Breathwork sessions and am very familiar with her comforting demeanor and steady guidance. I fully trusted her to guide me through my first past life regression, which was fascinating and life altering. From the start, I felt comfortable and safe in Wendy’s hands even as we delved deep into some uncomfortable territory. When sensations or emotions of the past were a bit too much to handle, Wendy’s calm voice settled me and allowed me to continue the journey to healing. With her guidance I was able to discover the source of some of the struggles I’ve had in this life and now am able to see these differently. I’m so grateful for the insight I gained and even more grateful to have met Wendy!
— S.M.

Working with Wendy over the past year and a half has made me an overall better, happier and healthier person. My anxiety and digestive problems were only temporarily fixed by traditional and alternative medicine, diet change, herbalists, exercise and therapy. Today, I am living a life I never knew existed - free of fear, anxiety and chronic sickness. I started this journey as a young mother of two babies and zero free time. Although it was hard with my crazy schedule I stuck with it and the results are incredible. I have come to realize the new me has a purpose to bring light and love and not come from a place of fear, anxiety, sickness and lack. I am now at my true nature- creative, abundant and free. My gratitude for Wendy and the knowledge I received and continue to receive is endless.
— D. C.

My friend and I had such a great time we ended up signing up for 6 weeks of classes. Wendy is a great instructor and making pottery on a wheel is so much fun!
— L.R.

Breathwork helped me work through my fears, which allowed me to move forward on a major life decision. Wendy is compassionate and insightful, and I felt very comfortable working with her. She taught me so much about being in the present and listening to my heart.
— H.C.

We did the BYOB 2 hour class with Wendy and it was so much fun! Wendy is patient and kind which made our experience incredibly relaxing.
— M.C.

I never thought of resistance as a teacher or as a pathway to something amazing that I’d never dreamed I could have. But I’m starting to see that that’s exactly what it is. And if I can just let go of my need to control or constantly keep myself safe and comfortable I’m going to move toward the life I’ve been yearning for. Wow. Thank you Wendy- this work is freeing my soul.
— T.M.

I just want to say thank you SO much for the healing work today- it was absolutely perfect (even the hard parts were still perfect!) I want to say that you have a real gift at supporting me during touch moments- everything from the words you say to the mindful touch you use, it all helps me feel safe and able to open up. I’ve done massage therapy, yoga, chanting, angel healing, reiki, you name it and I’ve never experienced this type of healing- truly incredible!
— V.C.

Your loving compassion and support has helped me to get to a point where I have to face some big issues. I have lost all of my “dreams” and goals that I used to have. This has been going on for years…I have dropped so many things that I used to love doing. It is like I have all I can do to get through each day. Being with you has helped me to feel better about myself to be able to move forward and have hope!!!!! You have been the guiding light that has brought me to really reach out and deal head on with my issues!!!
— N.S.

I don’t really know where to begin. I have only been doing Breathwork for a short time with Wendy, yet I feel that the changes that my friends and I see, in myself, are nothing less than a miracle. I had lost my way. I felt little joy, little love, and was living life day after day with a heavy weight on my shoulders. I had grown up in an alcoholic family which set in motion a life with many struggles and issues. With Breathwork, and Wendy’s love, and support, the heavy weight has been reduced to a mere shadow of what it was. My heart is so much happier, and I feel less afraid of what life is going to throw at me. I feel so very grateful for Wendy’s guidance, and what Breathwork has brought to me.
— D.J.B.

A wonderful night....a perfect mix of education and fun.
— E.F.

Wendy Walter is a brilliant teacher. When I first came to see her, I felt timid and stuck in my life. Her Breathwork sessions helped me release fears that had been trapped in my body for years, holding me back. With my newfound freedom and empowerment, I found the love of my life, moved across the country, got married, and started my own business. I can’t thank Wendy enough.
— C.W.