Listening Clay

One of the reasons I love clay so much is its power to absorb. Certain clays can absorb toxins, but my experience as a potter has revealed clay as archetypal of the mother. It is profoundly receptive. It will take a poke, a pinch a squeeze, a roll and maintain the shape imposed on it. The result is absorption, in that it receives our emotions and need for expression with ease. The material itself is so plastic and flexible it is like a great yogi, allowing us to simply BE and accepting who we are. That isn’t to say that clay doesn’t need care – you have to know much about the different stages of clay consistency in order to get the results you want.

I’ve noticed time and time again how much more relaxed and centered students feel after they work with clay. Clay slows us down and and listens intently. It follows and responds to our every move, like a shadow, heightening our awareness of how we are touching and moving our hands and body. The spinning of the wheel can be hypnotic, taking us into a trance like state, freeing us from the mind and stress.

Who doesn’t need the opportunity to ‘unload’ physically, emotionally and mentally? We have been taught in our culture to stuff it all in and pretend to be fine, independent and self sufficient. Then what? We get sick – emotionally or physically. It’ not until we decide pretending is detrimental that we start seeking someone who will listen, and who can help us take off the mask.

Working the clay provides an opportunity to get to know yourself better and heal the parts of you that are dissonant. Come experience this for yourself. Classes for 2016 are now posted. I look forward to seeing you in the studio!