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Upcoming Classes


kids Pottery Summer Classes June 2018

The Voice of Clay welcomes Jaime! She will be teaching this Summer’s Children’s clay classes. Classes begin in June so register now!

BYOB Pottery Classes
August 2018

A night out of fun and creativity. Always wanted to try the potter’s wheel? Here’s your opportunity without a long commitment.

Throwing on the Wheel (adults)
July 2018

 This six week session includes a 25lb of clay, glazes and firings, and 6 hours of open studio time to come in and practice on your own.


Holistic Therapies  

All Holistic Therapies take place in the Centering Room,a quiet place situated above the Pottery Studio.


Clay for the Body

Clay when used on the body can detoxify heavy metals and chemicals, exfoliate the skin, tighten pours and reinvigorate the body.