Wendy Walter, Founder

In 1981 Wendy discovered clay at High Mowing School in Wilton, NH. Mrs. Isobel Karl taught her deep respect for this material which slows us down and takes us into another dimension. Other than her Waldorf High School ‘apprenticeship’ she is a self-taught potter. She established ‘The Voice of Clay’ in 1999.

In addition to production she has taught many pottery classes. Witnessing a shift in students’ energy as they worked with clay she was guided to investigate the therapeutic qualities of clay and got her license in Esthetics as well as certification in Reiki, Vodder lymphatic drainage and the Dr. Haushcka skin care protocols. She worked for eight years in a spa setting getting hands on experience. 

In 2018 Wendy launched her first book, Being "Pickity", where she discloses the trials and errors experienced while growing up at Pickity Place, a quintessential destination place in New Hampshire founded by her parents, David and Judith Walter.

She has an MA in Transpersonal Psychology and interweaves the alchemy of clay into her work as breathwork facilitator, hypnotist, and spiritual guidance mentor, guiding souls back to the heart center, transmuting what may seem like only “a lump of clay” into centered, grounded, purposeful, empowered human beings.

She is the mother of two, Zachary and Alexandra, who are without a doubt, her two most powerful teachers!




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