Seeing the Truth with Integrated Imagery

I’m back from Virginia Beach and the Integrated Imagery Regression Hypnosis training week.
It was a week of witnessing both my own stories and those of the others in the group. It was a
week of feeling into my past and integrating what I witnessed in past lives into what I currently
experience. I also came home empowered and excited to share this tool with others.
Integrate: to make into a whole by bringing all parts together

Imagery: a set of mental pictures or images

Regression: going backwards to an earlier or less developed state

Hypnosis is defined in the dictionary as a state of altered consciousness induced by another
person. It is characterized by diminished will power and heightened suggestibility, and allows
the subject access to forgotten or suppressed memories.

In my training Integrated Imagery refers specifically to using images from a past life to deeply
integrate an unresolved issue that is occurring in this life.  And, the ‘seeing the truth’ part  is
waking up to – owning – taking responsibility for having set the pattern in motion – and thus de-
energizing that pattern.  Just by doing this you break the cycle!

From my reference point, Regression Hypnosis refers to ‘past life regression’.  It’s important to
know that one does not have to believe in reincarnation, past lives, or an afterlife of any kind to
benefit from a Regression Hypnosis session.  The vast majority of us have unwanted patterns of
behavior that we can’t directly attribute to experiences that we are able to identify.

In my program, the term Hypnosis is defined as ‘a natural state of relaxation.’ There are many
levels of hypnosis.  When you are hypnotized by this system you are in complete control. This is
entirely different from the popular media images of folks we have seen on stage clucking like
chickens, enjoying an onion that they’ve been told was an apple or doing other bizarre things.
These people have been taken to such a deep level of hypnosis only because on some level
they were willing to do so.  Regression Hypnosis intends to take you to a therapeutic level.

Once you are an appropriate meditative state you are asked by your facilitator to follow a guided
meditation and then allow your imagination to bubble up with whatever images come. The
intention is to look at a past life that may still be having an impact on this life. Before you get
there however, you will often visit current life experiences that are driving your reason for
seeking this therapy.  For example: Let’s say a man named Gregory is struggling in
relationships. Every relationship he is in ends up the same – he gets abandoned. Gregory has
explored several therapeutic systems to get to the root of his problem, and yet he is still dealing
with it!  While Gregory could have experienced some trauma around abandonment in this life,
there is the possibility that he carried over some trauma of abandonment from another life. For
Gregory his Integrated Imagery Regression Hypnosis may be the beginning of ultimate freedom
from his abandonment issues!

For people who have done lots of personal responsibility therapy and have resolved the
traumatic issues that are have been blocking their current life evolution, Regression Hypnosis
can also be used to look into their life purpose and the gifts that they bring into this life.

All of the images that the subject’s imagination provides under Regression Hypnosis are
considered to originate in their sub-conscious. Whatever shows up generally indicates what is
most currently relevant in their quest to break through to the next level of their development. We
look at the stories and images and integrate them into current experience in order to come to a
deeper awareness about how and why patterns are revealing themselves.

This is just one of the many services and experiences we offer at Clay Alchemy from the Voice
of Clay.  Explore the web site, and find the one that resonates with you!  If you are interested in
trying a session of regression hypnosis, I am looking for a few volunteers! Join me (for FREE
while it lasts!) in seeking within.

shannon Burke