Alchemize Yourself!

Alchemize Yourself!
You are Water.

Our next four blogs will feature our newest product – TA DA!  The “IAM” Cards


These 48 little cards of empowerment (in a bright little zippered purse) are designed to remind you every  day of your true essence!
The cards are divided into four categories by element – water, earth, air and fire, because we, like the world we live in, are made up of these elements.  Each category has twelve affirmations to establish and support your awareness of how that particular elements manifests as you.

Let’s begin with Water, and look at the many ways we can reflect the qualities of water.
Water – Tap into Hope
1.   I Am Loveable
2.   I Am Wise
3.   I Am Willing
4.   I Am Love
5.   I Am Cherished
6.   I Am Worthy
7.   I Am Good Enough
8.   I Am Water
9.   I Am Open
10. I Am Flexible
11. I Am Memorable
12. I Am Peaceful

Water.  We cannot live without water. Water is essential, clear, free, available, all encompassing, adaptable, sometimes passive and sometimes dramatic.

I Am Loveable.  Like water, you are precious. You can be like an oasis for people crossing the desert, or like the mother for the child awakening at night.  You can offer them a drink from the cup that is you.

I Am Wise.  By paying attention to and developing your intuition, you can tap into Cosmic Consciousness – universal knowledge, and find the truth.

I Am Willing.  Like water, you can make yourself available to those who thirst for what only your unique self has to offer.

I Am Love.  Love is not something to wish for, or to seek outside yourself.  Love, like water is part of your very essence. You are love.

I Am Cherished.  You are like the tub full of warm, fragrant water that you lower yourself into at the end of a stressful day. Just sink deeply into your water self and feel.

I Am Worthy.  You are the water that is poured over the heads of baptized babies, brought to the lips of the ill, sprinkled on the coffins of the deceased. You embody spirit.

I Am Good Enough.  Like the water that washes the splashes of mud off a car, and the water that supports the fishing boat as it heads home filled with the day’s catch.  You get the job done.

I Am Water.  Nothing need stop you when you’re flowing; like the mountain stream, you never need to hesitate, but adjust to fill the height and the width of the banks, flow under the logs, and around the rocks.

I Am Open.  Like the well water that is always ready to receive and fill the bucket as it is lowered down, you can be always ready to respond to needs and to receive gifts.

I Am Flexible.  In the same way that water transforms, so can you!  When strength is required, you can be solid as ice, you can shift direction like the tide, and when you want invisibility you can vaporize!

I Am Memorable.  Through your water-self you can be as unforgettable as a glacier, as powerful as waves crashing on a rocky coastline, as mysterious as a foggy evening.

I Am Peaceful.  And when peace is called for, you need only call on your water nature and become as still, deep and reflective as a woodland pond on a still clear autumn afternoon.

To remember who you really are, reach for your “I AM” Cards.  Choose a card every morning to start your day off right, and draw one whenever you need to empower yourself!


shannon Burke