Alchemize Yourself! You are Earth

We’re currently offering a series of four blogs featuring our newest product – Wait for it – The “IAM” Cards. These 48 little cards of empowerment (in a bright little zippered purse) are designed to remind you every day of your true essence! The cards are divided into four categories by element – water, earth, air and fire, because we, like the world we live in, are made up of these elements. Each category has twelve affirmations to establish and support your awareness of how that particular elements manifests as you. Let’s continue and explore in more depth the second category in the series – Earth. There are so many ways we can reflect the qualities of Earth, and be strong, stable and secure.

Earth – Get Grounded!

  1. I Am Strong
  2. I Am Powerful
  3. I Am Grateful
  4. I Am Perfect Just the Way I Am
  5. I Am Beautiful
  6. I Am Healthy
  7. I Am Earth
  8. I Am Centered
  9. I Am Trustworthy
  10. I Am Right Here, Right Now
  11. I Am Safe
  12. I Am Potential

Earth. Earth is the name of the planet that is our home and that keeps us safe as we spin suspended in the vastness of space. It’s the densest planet in our solar system, third from the sun, and the largest of the so-called terrestrial planets. Earth is also what we often call soil – the fertile uppermost layer of the Earth’s shell – a mixture of rock and minerals that over billions of years have been ground into powder, and combined with many life forms, both live and decomposed. This shell includes the mountains, rivers and ocean floors. Beneath it is a layer called the mantle – somewhat like the white of a boiled egg, yet dense, hot, semi-solid rock. At the center is the core – metallic and doubly dense. It’s like a yolk with two layers; a hot liquid outer core that creates the Earth’s magnetic field as the Earth spins, and a cool, pressurized, solid inner core.

I Am Strong. Like Earth, you can be solid as a rock, able to take the heat, and cool under pressure.

I Am Powerful. Like the Earth that produces wind to power turbines, torrents of water over Niagara Falls, and lava that spews out of mountain tops to create new land, you are a powerful force in your world.

I Am Grateful. “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” Matthew 6:26

I Am Perfect Just the Way I Am. No one looks at a mountain and criticizes its shape, or suggests that the autumn would be more beautiful in shades of purple. You too are perfect exactly as you are.

I Am Beautiful. As a microcosm of this magnificent planet with its silvery beaches, verdant forests, and rose gold sunsets, you too emanate beauty!

I Am Healthy. In the way that Earth maintains a long term balanced state of cold and heat, rain and sun, and growth and decay, you too are regenerative, and over time maintain a state of optimal health!

I Am Earth. Your body is composed of the same combination of elements as the Earth, and like the Earth you can adapt to change in order to sustain and support life.

I Am Centered. Like the Earth that’s sustaining an ever unfolding pattern of life forms while spinning on its axis and rotating around the sun in a limitless universe, you can be centered amidst chaos!

I Am Trustworthy. With your intention, you can be relied upon to do what needs to be done in the same way that we can count on the sun to rise every morning in the east, and the trees to bud out every spring.

I Am Right Here, Right Now. In the same way that the tide flows forward until it reaches its height and retreats to its ebb – as the sun is at its highest at noon – in any given moment you can be present.

I Am Safe. Like the Earth that never gets close to the sun, nor too far away; that provides mountain caves and jungle canopies for shelter, you can trust that you are being cared for at all times.

I Am Potential. Like the mighty oak that lies dormant in the acorn and the bearded iris inside the bulb, your innate gifts will manifest in the fullness of time!

To remember who you really are, reach for your “I AM” Cards. Choose a card every morning to start your day off right, and draw one whenever you need to empower yourself.  You can empower your friends and family too, by sharing the “I AM” Cards as Holiday gifts!

shannon Burke