Alchemize Yourself, You are Air

This is the third of four blogs that feature our powerful new product –The “I AM” Cards. These 48 little message cards (in a bright little zippered purse) are designed to remind you every day of your true essence!  (They make perfect stocking stuffers too!) The cards are divided into four categories by element – water, earth, air and fire, because we,  like the world we live in, are made up of these elements.  Each category has twelve affirmations to establish and support your awareness of how that particular elements manifests as you. As we continue our journey through the cards by element, next,  let’s look at how we embody and can reflect the qualities of Air.

AIR – Breathe in Love!
Air is the invisible gaseous substance surrounding the earth, a mixture mainly of oxygen and nitrogen. We also use the word air to refer to empty space. Although we can survive for three weeks without food, and three days without water, we can only live for three minutes without air!

You gotta love it!  It’s precious – it’s essential – it’s what gives us life here on Earth when we emerge from our mother’s womb – it’s what we last experience as we leave Earthly life. It contains the Life Force!
1.   I Am Intelligence
2.   I Am Important
3.   I Am Wanted
4.   I Am More Than I Think I Am
5.   Am Complete
6.   I Am Light
7.   I Am Divine
8.   I Am Spirit
9.   I Am Air
10. I Am
11. I Am All That Is
12. I Am Infinite

I Am Intelligence.  You are a microcosm of the Cosmos – the Conscious Force that keeps the stars in their positions out in the ethers, the planets in their orbits, and the balance of all energies!

I Am Important.  Without your particular energy, your perspective on the world, your talents and your efforts, there would be an essential piece missing from the puzzle that is Life!

I Am Wanted.  In the way that we all want to take that next breath – even if we often take it for granted, you are always wanted – even when you feel unappreciated!

I Am More Than I Think I Am.  Like the universe, you are infinite – without beginning or end.  You are both a result of and a participant in the creative power that is this Universe.

I Am Complete.  Have you not been ‘doing your thing’ for as long as you remember?  That’s the part that you’re playing in this drama that we call living.  You don’t need anything else to do that.

I Am Light.  You’re not heavy – you’re my brother/sister!  You can lie on your back in the water and float.  In your dreams you can leave your body and leap, fly and soar like a bird!

I Am Divine.  Because you have been created, and have the ability to create – music, words, beauty, chaos, concepts, form, human life – you too are god.

I Am Spirit. You are a Spiritual Being having a Human experience.  You come in as a unique being with distinct challenges and abilities.  When you leave your body, your spirit lives on.

I AM Air.  As John Calica wrote on Tumbler “I am air.  I am everywhere and nowhere.  I fill up my container.  I can be a sigh or a song – a breeze or a storm. I am nothing and everything.”

I AM.  You exist!  You are here.  You breathe in and exhale.  You are an integral part of life here on Earth and in the Universe!

I Am All That Is.  Because you are made of the same components as everything else in the universe, you ARE all that is!

I Am Infinite.  Because you are Spirit, at your essence you have no form, no boundaries, no limits…you ARE infinite!

To remember who you really are, reach for your “I AM” Cards.  Choose a card every morning to start your day off right, and draw one whenever you need to empower yourself! There’s still time to order them for holiday gifts!

shannon Burke