All Holistic Therapies take place in the Centering Room, a quiet place situated above the Pottery Studio.

I have an MA in Transpersonal Psychology, am certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, and adhere to the National Guild of Hypnotists Code of Ethics. I am also certified in Somatic Breathwork and Reiki. I look forward to supporting your journey.  

-Wendy Walter

Somatic Breathwork

120 MINUTES $150

Breathwork, a ritual of awareness, allows the body to let go of what it has been storing or holding on to, creating space for movement, energy, and life to thrive. If you have ever felt shut down or stuck, breathwork can help you understand the root cause. By “breathing into” chronic patterns or pain you oxygenate the body and activate chi, helping to move the energy which is keeping you stuck.


Past Life Regression

120 MINUTES $150

The benefits of a past life regression are numerous and often trans-formative. Regression starts with hypnosis, getting you in a deep state of relaxation. You start by getting very comfortable in a gravity chair. Then you listen to a guided meditation to relax your body and mind. Once you are relaxed enough you may see, hear or imagine memories of your childhood or memories of another time.  Regression means going back in time, whether it be this lifetime or another one.


120 MINUTES $150 (initial SessioN)•60 MINUTES $75

Hypnosis is a natural deep state of relaxation. It taps into an ideal frame of mind (the unconscious) to integrate suggestions based on meeting your goals. Hypnosis works by updating the unconscious mind with new and more helpful information, like reprogramming a computer.


Spiritual Guidance

3 sessions $450

Discover Your Purpose ~ Learn, Do, Deepen 

Knowing your purpose eradicates a sense of randomness. You are here for a reason – without a doubt! The mystery you are "trying to figure out" will not be uncovered by the mind. In this series of three sessions get to know that purpose by taping into your own intuition. You will learn some breath and mindfulness techniques to practice at home and will be guided one step at a time to deeper insight and a sense of belonging.

Each session will include homework and will get you into the practice of “connection”. Each session is 2 hours. 



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