Mindful Balance & Breath Package

Mindful Balance & Breath Package

from 70.00

Includes: Meditation Session and QiGong Class.

Total Treatment Time: 2 Hours

Available for groups or can be booked as a private (individual) session.

Great package for groups or the individual looking to further develop their daily practice! Enjoy a guided Vipassana Meditation session (1 hour) and QiGong class (1 hour).

Learn to quiet the mind and connect with your breath. In your meditation session we will focus on, and understand, the deep interconnection between mind and body. QiGong (similar to Tai Chi) is a form of gentle exercise, composed of movements that are typically repeated, strengthening and stretching the body, increasing fluid movement (blood, synovial, and lymph), enhancing balance, and improving awareness of how the body moves through space. You’ll go home with the tools to de-stress and incorporate mindful practices into your daily life.

  • Group Rate for up to 8 People: $280 (35$ per person)

  • Private (individual) Rate: $85

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